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The Wisdom and Experience of Marge’s Country Kitchen

Marge Pawlik is the original founder/owner and namesake of Marge’s Country Kitchen originally Marge’s Country Kitchen and Catering.

It All Started With Cakes

Marge started out making birthday and wedding cakes approximately 50 yrs. ago.  One of her earliest accomplishments was making a wedding cake which was shipped to Poland with a family member.  Approximately 5 years after she married Ken Pawlik, she began making perogies for sale for her neighbors and family.  While working as a baker she realized she could do well at farmer’s markets. Every week she sold out of her perogies, cabbage rolls, cinnamon buns, crepes, and much more.

A New Direction…

At this point, more customers began to ask her to make wedding cakes and cater their weddings and company functions.  She did this for several years with help of her husband, daughter, sons and a handful of other employees.  During this time the local county began hiring her as their preferred caterer.  From there she was invited to cater to local plants with a lot of spin-off business.   Customers had always asked for her special sauces for perogies and cabbage rolls but unfortunately, she did not have time to branch out.

A Dream is Realized

It became a dream of Marge’s that she and her daughter Tammie would branch out one day…creating packaged sauces for sale.  Shortly after Marge’s retirement Tammie was in a position to develop this branch of Marge’s Country Kitchen and Catering but now without the catering part.  As of today, there are two sauces available…perogy cream sauce and the meat sauce, with plans for many new products to be released in the near future.